QSC Q-SYS certification.

Arcane Audio is proud to announce his Level 2 Q-SYS certification.

A colorisation room in Dolby ATMOS have been deliver including a QSC Core 110c, a Dolby CP-850, Barco DP4K-17BLP 4K Laser projector, QSC DPA amplification in Q-LAN and 30 QSC speakers.

The programmation of the Core 110c have been integrated with the automation of the Barco, Dolby processor, Lutron lighting and the screen masking.

Since all the manufacturers don’t know how the others are doing things, we had to pass many hours to reverse engineering everything to make everyone talk to each others.

New installation – Eidos Montreal

Arcane Audio wellcome Eidos Montreal into our family.

6 audio design suite in 7.1 with Genelec 8020DPM and 7050A LFE.

And 1 mixing room in Atmos with the Genelec SAM Coax 8381.