Adgil Design

Founded in 1996, Adgil Design inc was the answer to the increasing demand for highly specialized professional audio equipment, to assist studio operation and equipment integration. Although the audio industry produces large quantities of gear that functions perfectly well on its own, attempts to assemble this gear into functional systems are always obstacle-ridden, whether regarding loudspeakers control, operating levels, impedance matching or others…

Having spent numerous years in professional studios in and around Montreal, Canada, in design, installation and technical maintenance, the founders of Adgil Design have acquired vast knowledge and experience regarding the challenges of system interfacing and integration. The gear developed by Adgil Design was thus created for situations where a specific piece of equipment is needed for very particular functions.

It was with this mandate in mind that in 1998, when the first two film and TV mixing studios with digital consoles were established in Montreal, it became evident that the monitor section of these consoles was inadequate for surround operation; hence, the birth of the Director. The same idea applies to the development of the DirectEQ, which occurred with the demand for multiple monitoring formats. And so it goes. Adgil Design inc had an international client base due to the high demand for its specialized and customized equipment across the globe.

In 2011 Adgil Design was acquired by Arcane Audio.